Monumental Sculpture

August 13 - October 30, 2011

Before we met, Tim pursued a painting career highlighted by enormous irises and orchids blooming on six by eight foot canvases and Bobbi's interest in sacred space resulted in large elements of church architecture --- stained-glass windows and choir stalls --- wedged into a series of small houses. Although our elbow room has since expanded, our shared fondness for acquiring objects of considerable size has forced us to plant groves of Dogon Ladders and Nupe Posts around the house (they look great in the snow) and to devote entire walls to palace doors shipped back from India along with the gigantic stones they were originally mounted on.

As we continue to grapple with where to put wonderful things we were certain we had room for, it occurred to us that it might be interesting to invite our clients to wrestle with the same problem. Herewith, BIG TIME, a show of monumental sculpture from Africa (and Papua New Guinea).

Our thanks to our friends Cristina Toro and Ulysses Jackson for their invaluable help with the installation.


And, in the reading room, a collection of spears.




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