This page is a record of an exhibit that took place
in 2010. The individual links below will take you to
the CURRENT VERSION of the pages
that formed part of that exhibit.

Cabinet of Curiosities


Precursor of the modern museum, the Cabinet of Curiosities or Wunderkammer demonstrated the wide-ranging interests of Renaissance Europeans who searched out, catalogued and displayed everything from archeological fragments to fossils, minerals, skeletons and bits of religious arcana. Like their spiritual descendants at Hamill Gallery, those people really, really liked surrounding themselves with stuff!

Tim and I have pulled together objects from the gallery, from our homes, from our travels. With the help of our friend Roger Richard, I've attempted to juxtapose them in a way that suggests affinities of form or material or in arrangements that appeal to our senses of humor. When it works, we achieve what we refer to as the Ta-Dah Effect.

Some of the pieces are for sale, some are not, some we're not sure about. Links will be provided as soon as possible; otherwise, inquiries are welcome.

---Bobbi Hamill

PS Accompanying the Cabinet of Curiosities exhibition are two sideshows. The first is a collection of Asafo Flags I recently acquired from a former gallerist in Santa Fe who purchased them in 1989. The second, and as far as I'm concerned, the best part of the whole damn shebang, is a display of photographs of soap bubbles. Tim not only took the photographs (which look like Google Earth versions of distant and improbably colorful planets), but he (and a friend Bob Kopacz) invented and patented the machine that makes the photographs possible. The machine is on display and Tim may be persuaded to demonstrate its magical properties. After all, what's a Cabinet of Curiosities without soap bubbles?





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