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Sept. 8 - Nov. 25, 2000

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Six major lost civilizations are represented in this exhibition. Artworks from ancient African cultures, buried for centuries, are featured in our fall exhibition. As we enjoy a large collection of terracotta and stone works from the Nok, Sokoto, Katsina, Bura and Djenne civilizations, we will be addressing serious issues and problems of authenticity, restoration, legality and looting relevant to these works.

The oldest and most impressive group are the powerful and elegant heads and figures of the Nok. Dating from 500 B.C. - 200 A.D., they were discovered in 1943 during mining near the village of Nok (hence the name), in Nigeria. Bernard Fagg, William Fagg's brother, did much of the early work on these discoveries. Over the years we have acquired many Nok pieces, varying in size, quality and amount and type of repairs made. Many have been tested at Bortolot Daybreak Corp. in Conn. and have papers documenting their age by thermoluminescence. More information will be available in the gallery and on our website. Katsina and Sokoto pieces, of which we have only a few, are from the same period, even more recently discovered, and also from Nigeria.

The Bura pieces have been recently discovered (1975) and unearthed in Niger. Little is yet known of the culture that lived from the 3rd - 11th C. We are showing the wonderfully embellished tall terracotta vessels, small terracotta heads and the hauntingly primitive stone heads.

From Mali are 12-16th C. pots from the Djenne, precursors to the Dogon, plus Tenenkun figures and objects from the same period. Koma-Builsa heads (13-19th C.) from Ghana and other works complete a show that will be changing and growing as additional pieces are mounted and tested.

NOK, Terracottas, Nigeria, 500B.C. - 200 A.D,

BURA, Stone heads, 3rd - 11th C.

BURA, Terracotta Vessels, 3rd - 11th C.

BURA, Terracotta Heads, 3rd - 11th C.

KATSINA, Terracottas, Nigeria, 500B.C. - 200 A.D,

KOMA-BUILSA, Ghana, 13th - 19th C.

SOKOTO, Terracottas, Nigeria, 500B.C. - 200 A.D,

For those of you too far away to visit the show most of the works can be seen on line, with sizes and prices. We will be installing the show on Wed/Thur., Sept. 6-7, feel free to stop in and be the first to see the new show. Please note we are shifting from bimonthly to quarterly shows at least until I get more caught up with work.

The Gallery: at 2164 Washington St. is open Weds-Sat. 12-6. You can now enter the front or back (from our free parking lot). Please call if you need exact directions. We are near Mass. Ave. and exit 18 off 93 (S. E. Express-way). Large selections of works from past and future gallery shows can be seen by appointment in our warehouse above the gallery and at our showhouse in Milton, (617) 696-0033. Molly Martin, who visits schools and works with groups visiting the gallery, is a tremendous help during changes of shows and will continue to be in on Saturdays. She can be reached at (781) 861-0190.

New Storefront and Improvements: The front of our building is finally finished and we are wheelchair accessible there. We have new display windows, nice grates, signage and awnings with the encouragement and support of the Dudley Square Main Streets program. (see next paragraph)

Dudley Square Main Streets Event: This major fundraising event, Jammin'@Dudley Main Streets, will take place in our renovated and enlarged space Sat., Sept. 30 from 8-11pm. A continuous live jam session, many types of hors d'oeuvres, a silent auction and more will make this a special evening for a very good cause. Tax deductible admission $50/person. Contact me for information or tickets.

Online, Changes in Website: We are constantly changing and trying to update so please bookmark the URL address. A new index should make accessing types of images easier and quicker. We are cataloging most of our shows, documenting them for people unable to reach the gallery. Our E-mail address is, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Tim Hamill, Director